Convincing technical basis

INtex software is built on opensource standards


SQL Database

Your data is stored in a MySQL database. The reliability of this database has ensured that today the vast majority of web applications such as shops and content management systems such as Wordpress work with this database. With an on premises installation, the use of a MariaDB database server is possible.


PHP and Javascript

Programming is done in the languages PHP and Javascript. Both are industry standards for modern web applications. We support PHP 7 and newer on the server. An individual adjustment of the program code is possible because we deliver all files open source.


HTML 5 and Bootstrap

When outputting the data and generating the user interface, we rely on HTML 5 and the Bootstrap Framework for responsive page layout. This makes the application on modern browsers fast, modern and automatically adapts to any screen size and orientation.


Server Installation

INtex software works with all standard web server installations. You can quickly and easily set up your own server with the XAMPP and MAMP packages or work with hosted servers such as Linode, GoDaddy or 1 & 1. We provide you with an installation guide. In addition, INtex SERVER software integrates excellently into a Nextcloud environment. 


Advantages right from the start

State-of-the-art technology for your benefit


Little effort

Plus 1: INtex software only needs one installation on the server, the clients call up the solution via the browser - nothing has to be installed here. Of course, this also makes the updates easy.



The rowser is the best client

Plus 2: INtex software runs in the browser. Forget the app chaos with different versions, update cycles, installations and feature sets.



No synching problems

Plus 3: Forget about synching problems. Always access the data of the central server live on the client devices. Nothing needs to be updated, it is current.


Integrated security

  • Your data can only be used by you with a login consisting of a user name and a secure password.
  • All data can be used via SSL-encrypted https connections.
  • Adjustable user rights (admin, user and examiner are already predefined).
  • Regular backups protect you from data loss. You can also copy backups to other drives.



Low system requirements

INtex software can be used as a client on all devices with an HTML5-capable browser, i.e. on Macs and PCs, Android, iOS and Windows tablets and smartphones, SmartTVs and Linux computers.

Any current Mac, PC or Linux computer can serve as the server. Also usual hosting offers e.g. from GoDaddy and 1 & 1 IONOS or other web hosts can be used as servers. Finally, the server can also be used on virtual machines such as Virtualbox e.g. with Ubuntu as the operating system and on network attached storage (NAS) e.g. run by Synology.

The server should meet the following conditions:

  • Uninterrupted operation
  • High-performance network connection
  • Continuous data backup
  • Sufficient resources for processing inquiries and storing data
  • Password protection against unauthorized access and activated firewall
  • Installation of MySQL or MariaDB as a database server
  • Installation of Apache or Nginx as a web server
  • The server should be able to concentrate on its tasks and not be used for other things

INtex Software can be successfully used wherever content management systems such as Wordpress, document management systems such as Nextcloud or Owncloud, shop systems such as shopware or forum software can be operated - the technical requirements of these systems are identical to INtex SERVER software.